Boarding Options 

We have large pastures, with highly visible electric tape fencing, automatic waterers in select pastures so the water is always fresh and clean. They have access to free-choice white salt licks (other kinds can be provided for a fee), and run-in sheds. Boarders have access to our 60' X 100' indoor riding arena, 200 M riding track, trails out the back gate, and many other amenities. Individual or group turnout available.

We welcome well behaved horses and owners.  Contact us for more information & Rates.

Stall Board / Full Board


Stalling of horse every night.  Use of facilites, 3-4 times a day feedings, Grazing in the summer, good quality hay in the winter, 1-2 times a day limited grain feedings, if your horse needs extra grain, you will need to provide it.


Contact for Rates.

"Regular" Board


24/7 turnout in large pastures with individual or groups. Stalling when needed (in bad weather), 3-4 feedings of good quality hay, grazing in summer, limited grain 1X a day.


Contact for Rates.