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The Mares at Boulder Ridge

Byrða frá Hafsteinsstöðum
Byrða- "Ber-the"- means "Light"

24 yr old, grey mare. Byrda is 2nd prize, with an 8.0 for Tolt and a 9.0 for gallop! 7.82 overall.


We have owned her since 2010. She is a very sweet and talented mare. She has also become a great mother. Byrda is mother to Brimi and Bruni.

Hrímhildur frá Hafsteinsstöðum
Hrimhildur- means "frost valkyrie"
Hrim- "Hrime", Hildur


AKA, "Hilda". She is a 25 yr old, grey, 2nd prize Mare. With 7.53 overall score.


We have had Hildda since 2004, when we imported her from Iceland. She is a great riding horse and a good mom. Hilda is mother to Funi, Katina, Skjomi, and Jupiter.

Hilda is owned by Abby.

Kátína from Boulder Ridge
Kátína- "Cow-tina" means "Merriment"

Katina is a 13 yr old grey mare. She is a daughter of Hilda and Parker fra Solheimar.  Katina was born here at Boulder Ridge on May 16th, 2010. She is quite the character, and loves to interact with people. Specially doing liberty work with her owner Krista.

Katina is one special mare. Very active and entertaining!

Gyðja frá Sveinsstöðum

"Gyðja"- "Gi-th-ia" means "Goddess"


She is a 28 yr old Chestnut mare with big white blaze on her face. We have had Gydja since 2004, when we imported her from Iceland.


Gydja is mother to Ara. Gydja is a fun riding horse, who is unflappable on the trail with a heart of gold!

Eirdís frá Oddhóli
Eirdís- means "Protective Goddess"


Eirdis is a 20 yr. Old chestnut mare.  She is half sister to Eidur.  We brought Eirdis to the U.S and to Boulder Ridge in July of 2015.  We have had fun getting to know this sweet mare!  We call her the "motor", as she loves to nicker and talk to "her" people. :)


Eirdis is a 2nd prize mare with 7.68 overall as a 4-gaiter.

Gone but not forgotten <3

Maístjarna frá Sauðárkróki
"Maístjarna"- "May-st-aht-na" means "May Star"
Gone but never forgotten <3


Mais was a fun riding horse and companion to Cindy in the beginning, over time she enjoyed her retirement from riding with only doing a few summer riding camps.  She was a sweet mare that always wanted her way.  We will miss that silly beautiful girl. :(

Rest in Peace girl. <3 --2018

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