Eiður frá Oddhóli- US1992103758


1st prize - 5-gaited - Chestnut with Star


Breeding Assessment


Conformation Score

Head: 7.5

Neck-Withers-Shoulders: 8.0

Back and Croup: 8.0

Proportions: 8.0

Legs (quality): 9.0

Legs (joints): 8.5

Hooves: 8.0

Mane and Tail: 3.0

Overall Conformation: 8.15




Sire: Gáski frá Hofsstöðum IS1973135980 - 1st prize, Honor stallion, (8.32, 9.0 Tölt)

SS: Hrímnir frá Vilmundarstöðum IS1958135857 - 1st prize, (8.30 overall)

SD: Freyja frá Hofsstöðum IS1959235981 - 2nd prize, (7.89 overall)


Dam: Eiða frá Skáney IS1982235020 - 1st prize, (8.15 overall)

DS: Eiðfaxi frá Stykkishólmi IS1977137250 - 1st prize, (8.04 overall)

DD: Píla frá Skáney IS1971235802 - 2nd prize, (7.5  overall)


Eidur has a fantastic temerament and is easy to handle. A true gentleman! He can be ridden by almost anyone. He is fun to ride, and his tolt is incredible!  His foals tend to be friendly and handsome.  Throws 4 & 5-gaited offspring, and strong tolting foals.


Hand or pasture breeding.


Breeding fee: $800.00

*Purebred and registered Icelandic mares only.

Live foal guarantee.

Riding Assessment

Tölt: 9.5

Trot: 9.0

Pace: 7.5

Gallop: 8.0

Character: 7.5

Temperament: 9.5

General impression: 8.5

Overall ridden abilities: 8.74

TOTAL: 8.40

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