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Horse Education

Here are some options of what we offer here at Boulder Ridge:
Learn how to ride the Icelandic Horse!
Private riding Lessons

Private lessons are for all ages and levels.

$45.00 per hour session.

Limited lessons available

Group Lessons

Limited group lessons available. $40.00 per rider per hour. Similar riding level.


Lessons are approximately 1 hour long and include:

Catching the horse, grooming & tack up, riding lesson, cool down, untacking, and returning the horse to their pasture.  Just like if the horse was yours.


Leadline lessons


For young students, as they do best in shorter sessions.

$35.00 per 30 minute sessions


Want to learn about horses, and ownership?

I will teach you a variety of things, including ground work, liberty training, horse care (feeding, grooming, exercise, care, and many more things to learn than just learning how to ride), basics of horse ownership, some farrier work that can be done by the owner, trailering safety (learning to load the horse into a trailer, unload, and Safety with trailering), and anything else you would like to learn!  I have 16 years of experience with horses that I would love to teach you about!

$20.00 per 30 minute sessions.


Horse and Human Exercising

This is new as of this year (2016), so it is still in the works.  For now, this option will only be available in the summer and fall months.

This is great exercise for horses and humans! We will be doing a variety of jogging, and/or walking with or without a horse for companion, you can also bring well behaved dogs to walk instead of a horse (Though they must be on a leash at all times).  We have many trails in our area, including the Saywer Mountain trails.


This is a great way to exercise with friends, and animals.  Please contact me with any questions, or interest!

Prices and length of exercise will vary.


We are also looking for hay help! Great exercise! ;)


Group Tours

Would you like to come meet the horses, and learn about the breed?  We will show you the horses, demonstrate their gaits, and show you different activities with the horses, including a liberty training demo.

$20 per person. (1 hour session) (Group discounts available.)


Feel free to contact me for more information.  Or to book an appointment!  :)

Sorry, I don't offer trail riding.


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